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Eyes Ball
11 in store $7.95
Flick N Fish
25 in store $2.95
Squirmles W/ Babies
sold out $6.95
(on order)
Magic Fire Flys Thumb
27 in store $5.95
Bendy Astronaut
15 in store $6.95
Cult Movies Scratch Poster
2 in store $15.95
Feet Finger Puppet
Archie Mcphee
65 in store $1.50
Cat Paw Finger Puppet
Archie Mcphee
21 in store $2.95
Finger Squirrel Finger Puppet
Archie Mcphee
19 in store $2.95
Bigfoot Feet Finger Puppet
Archie Mcphee
1 in store $2.95
Dinosaur Finger Puppet Large
2 in store $7.95
Alien Hand Finger Puppet
Archie Mcphee
46 in store $1.75
Monster Claw Finger Puppet
Archie Mcphee
51 in store $1.75
Flashing Holiday Bulb Necklace
Canadian Gift Concept
43 in store $9.95
Corn Flakes Socks
Cool Socks
7 in store $14.95
Cup O Noodles Socks
3 in store $14.95
Ghostbusters Socks
Cool Socks
1 in store $14.95
Mountain Dew Socks
Cool Socks
1 in store $14.95
Pepsi All Over Socks
Cool Socks
1 in store $14.95
Pringles Salt & Vinegar Socks
Cool Socks
14 in store $14.95
Raisin Bran Socks
Cool Socks
9 in store $14.95
Ritz Crackers Socks
Cool Socks
5 in store $14.95
Top Ramen Socks
3 in store $14.95
Zero Fox Given Socks
5 in store $12.95
Mountain Dew Socks
4 in store $14.95

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COVID-19 News
 Happy New Year.

The restrictions have been eased! The restrictions have been eased! 
We will be opening our doors on Saturday Jan 23rd. For the time being, our hours will be
Mon-Fri noon-5pm and Saturdays 11-4pm.
We need to adhere to 25% capacity rule and require masks be worn by all.
We ask that you use our sanitizing station and maintain social distancing with us and
your fellow shoppers.
Remember that we still have online shopping with curbside pickup and delivery if you are not ready to shop in person.
We can't wait to see people other than us in the store again.