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Puzzles Easy Handling & Family
Easy Handling puzzles are designed for seniors and those with some fine motor mobility issues. Adult themed images with larger pieces make doing puzzles an option again for some that may have given up on this hobby.
Family Puzzles come in a variety of images and are designed to allow the whole family to participate. There are 3 different sized pieces within the same puzzle, easy handling for the elder members, large for the young and average sizes for the confident puzzler.
We carry many more images than shown here. Please call us for other options.
Puzzles for Young People
Puzzles are a very important part of learning for the very young. Starting with just a few pieces, adding texture, seek and find options, floor versions....puzzle options are endless and perfect for teaching (or learning solo), spacial skills, colour and shape matching and experiencing the self satisfaction of completing a picture and a puzzle.
We carry many more images than shown here. Please email us with your wants.
300 Piece Puzzles
500-750 Piece Puzzles
Puzzles 1000+ Pieces
3D Jigsaw Puzzles and Accessories